Elora Mews Shops by the Elora Gorge, View our beautiful photos of Elora, save them on your computer and share them with friends.
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Elora Mews Shops by the Elora Gorge, View our beautiful photos of Elora, save them on your computer and share them with friends.

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Books about Elora:

Many books have been written about Elora, the beautiful Elora Gorge and the Grand River Valley.  Only a few have been listed here.  We hope you enjoy our products and please feel free to suggest any items that we have not included here.


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Pictures - NewCharles Clarke, Pen and Ink Warrior
by Kenneth Dewar

When Charles Clarke settled in Elora Ontario in 1848 he joined the ranks of the province's radical reformers. He also tirelessly promoted the natural beauties of Elora and tried to protect the environment of the Grand River and the Elora Gorge from the ravages of industry and human carelessness. Using Clarke's journalistic writings, his private diary, and a memoir he wrote later in life, Kenneth Dewar paints a vivid picture of Clarke's evolving sense of himself and his world in an age of profound transformation.

"This fine book gives an intriguing vista of village Ontario and the impact of 19th-century changes on its people." P.B. Waite, Choice

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Pictures - NewA Heritage of Stone
Nina Chapple

Buildings of Niagara, St. Catharines, the Hamilton Escarpment, Paris, Cambridge, Waterloo County, Guelph, Fergus and Elora and St. Marys (Paperback)

The story of the stone buildings of the cities and towns of southwest Ontario

Constructed in the most permanent of building materials, historic stone buildings are, quite literally, touchstones to other times and other lives.

Exploring the history of these mid-nineteenth-century buildings -- among them, charming cottages and farmhouses, spectacular mansions, glorious churches and cathedrals, and dignified civic buildings -- reveals a picture of their communities' origins, aspirations and evolution.

From the stories of the houses and buildings in these early Ontario communities we learn of the masons, the architects, the developers, the town leaders and citizens who created and inhabited these enduring examples of a variety of stonebuilding techniques and architectural styles.

A Heritage of Stone offers a fascinating new perspective on the histories of many leading communities of south-western Ontario. It celebrates the many fine stone buildings which are the pride of these cities and towns. This book will also appeal to anyone interested in heritage buildings and 19th century Ontario architecture.

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Grand River Reflections
by John Visser (Author)

The natural beauty of the Grand River Valley and the rural charm of its communities come alive in this magnificent book. The the cover illustration is of Elora's boardwalk at the centre of historic Elora's Mill Street West.

John de Visser's photographs have been collected in more than forty books. His outstanding collections for the Boston Mills Press include Newfoundland Souvenir, Spirit of the Garden, Rideau, At the Water's Edge, Summer Cottages, Muskoka, Georgian Bay, Grand River Reflections, Credit River Valley, and Thousand Islands. In 1994 he was awarded a Lifetime Achievement Award by the Canadian Association of Photographers and Illustrators in Communication.


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Elora Gorge: A Visitor's Guide
by Ken Hewitt (Author)

Kenneth Hewitt's "Elora Gorge: A Visitor's Guide" is not a visitor's guide in the conventional sense but rather is a field guide to the geology, geography, and paleontology of the gorge.

The book describes the geological history of the gorge area, from its origin 410 million years ago as a system of reefs and lagoons in a tropical sea, through the birth of the gorge itself at the close of the last ice age, to the present. It discusses the various fossils to be found there, primarily of reef-building organisms and shellfish.

It also presents three walks through the gorge. For each walk Dr. Hewitt identifies sites of special interest and explains their geological or paleontological meaning.

One of the best aspects of this book is its integration of scientific exposition with the descriptions of the gorge's features so that the visitor can understand the meaning of what he sees. If you are planning to visit the gorge and want to understand what you observe, this book will be a valuable asset.

-- Greg Shoom


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Waterfalls of Ontario
Mark Harris

The ultimate pictorial and travel guide.

Whether youíre planning to visit Ontarioís many waterfalls in person or in the comfort of your favorite reading chair, this superbly illustrated book is an absolute must.

Waterfalls of Ontario lists and describes 80 falls. Each is listed alphabetically and organized by region: - Algoma - Cottage Country - Golden Horseshoe - Ottawa Valley

Each waterfall is illustrated with a full-page color photograph and a concise description that includes detailed driving instructions, relevant geological features, and a brief history. Regional maps are included for those who wish to visit the waterfalls. A sidebar features handy at-a-glance information such as the nearest settlement, walk time, trail conditions, size, and map co-ordinates.

About the Author:
Mark Harris is a water resources professional and avid traveler who has written and contributed to many scientific studies.

George Fischerís work has appeared in the New York Times, Islands Magazine, and Explore as well as calendars from Barnes and Noble and Wyman and Sons.


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Elora Festival Music:

The Elora Festival has been making Sweet Music since 1980.  Artistic director Noel Edison, founder of the Elora Festival Singers, has put the Elora Festival and the Elora Festival Singers onto the world stage.  Here are a few of the many famous names that have appeared on the various stages of the Elora Festival over the years.


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It's Tight Like That
Jeff Healey

Jeff Healey and the Jazz Wizards will be performing at the Elora Festival on Friday, July 21, 2006 at the Gambrel Barn at 8:30 pm. Tickets are available at the Elora Festival office.

"Long before Jeff Healey burst onto the '80s blues-rock scene with an unorthodox lap-steel-like approach to conventional guitar and a flair for radio-friendly pop songs like "See the Light" and "Angel Eyes," he had a deep jones for 1920s and '30s jazz.

"His first major release in that vein, a live recording with his eight-piece Wizards and British jazz revivalist/trombonist Chris Barber as his guest, takes Louis Armstrong's historic Hot Five recordings and Django Reinhardt and the Hot Club band as its swinging twin axis of influences

"Sure, the results aren't groundbreaking, yet they're authentic and fun, thanks to spirited performances and a selection of mostly playful uptempo chestnuts, including "Sing You Sinners," Georgia Tom Dorsey's suggestive title track, and Bessie Smith's "Keep It to Yourself."

"Barber's trombone solos are hale and raucous, but Healey's his own ringer, fretting elegant, classic guitar lines and pulling boisterous double duty on ebulliently squawking trumpet.

--Ted Drozdowski


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Elora Festival Singers:

The Elora Festival Singers where founded by Noel Edison in 1980 as the principal vocal ensemble for the Elora Festival.

The choirís activities have expanded to include the popular Winter Series concerts in Elora and the surrounding communities, touring and recording. The choir also makes up the professional core of The Toronto Mendelssohn Choir and The Mendelssohn Singers.


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In the Heavenly Kingdom
Willan (Composer),
Elora Festival Singers,
Edison Larkin (Performer)

Ontario's Elora Festival Singers and director Noel Edison should be declared national treasures by the Canadian government.

The artistic care and professionalism that they commit to every project are exemplary, and there's no doubt that Healey Willan could have no finer advocates than these outstanding musicians (and there are many strong contenders for that honor among Canada's unrivalled and impressive cadre of choral ensembles!).

If you haven't heard Willan, this is a great introduction. And if you have, you should know that the disc's final track, the beloved motet Rise up, my love, my fair one, is without question its ideal recorded realization, the thing that proves that Edison and his choir really understand what Willan is about and know how to bring his uniquely expressive choral forms to life.

And it's reason enough to own this CD, a performance so sure and lovely that you want to hear it again and again. [5/17/2006]

--David Vernier


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Holly Cole

Holly's concert at the Elora Quarry in 1998 was an acoustical wonderment. 

Holly Cole Has Impressed as One of the Most Inspired and Inspiring Contemporary Interpreters of Popular Song for Well Over a Decade.

She Has Charted an International Career that Includes Seven Gold and Platinum Albums, Numerous Awards and Some of the Finest and Most Engaging Vocal Work in the Studio and in Concert.


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V1 Collection

Available October 12th, 2004, "The Holly Cole Collection, Vol.1" is a cross-section of recordings that span her career. This comprehensive collection includes hit material as well as tracks previously unavailable in Canada, including:

"Hum Drum Blues" recorded in New York City in 1995 with jazz greats Javon Jackson and Mulgrew Miller.

"Shiver Me Timbers" recorded by the trio in 1995 during the temptation sessions but only available on Japanese release.

"The Question of U" written by Prince and produced by Bob Belden, includes world-renowned jazz musicians Chuck Wilson and Benny Green.

"Trust in Me" newly recorded and arranged for the original trio with large string ensemble.

Rounding out the collection are selections from six of Cole's previous releases: Girl Talk (1990), Blame It On My Youth (l991), Don't Smoke In Bed (1993), Temptation (1995, Romantically Helpless (2000) and Shade (2003).


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2003 Release from the Canadian Chanteuse who Returns to Form with this First Album in Nearly Four Years.

The Self Produced Album features an Imaginative Collection of Tunes Loosely Related to Summer. Among the Highlights Are Renditions of Classics by Rodgers and Hart, Cole Porter, Irving Berlin and a Breathtaking Version of Brian Wilson's "God Only Knows".

"If you are not already a Holly Cole fan, but enjoy jazz, her latest album, "Shade", may be a good way to introduce yourself to her special artistry. If you are a fan, you will smile at her continued creativity.

"An eclectic but effective mix of songs unified by the common theme of having something to do with summer, the album starts off with an almost "smooth-jazz""-like mechanical-sounding percussion sequence that had me dreading what was to follow.

"But I listened beyond that intro and was intrigued by the blend of styles and influences she acknowledges in the instrumental accompaniments, while maintaining her own distinct imprint on the vocals.

"Her interpretations sound unlike any other you've heard of the same song, so some of them might take some getting used to if you are familiar with other more familiar covers. But after a couple of "listens", her versions not only sound original, they sound "right".

"This album is a real treat for any season! "

-- A Customer

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The Nylons

The world famous Canadian acappella band "The Nylons" appeared at the Elora Festival in 1993 and 1995.


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The Nylons

"This album is natural, full of energy...

That's what makes this a real true vocal recording. Vocals aren't supposed to be perfect. Only in a musical time where production has replaced the art of song writing, could the idea come up that THIS album is full of weak vocals and off key singing.

The range of Claude Morrison and Marc Connors, especially on his solo during Me And The Boys leaves the listener awestruck. Arnold Robinson's bass sounds natural and doesn't shake the dust off your speakers like it eventually did in future recordings.

I'm a huge a fan of the Nylons and also sing in my own acappella 5-some and we strive to always sound like this album and NOT like a rockapella group with the 80's drum machines and robotic sounding harmonies. I own ALL of their albums but this is the only one I will play for inspiration and true vocal singing. If anything, they should have stuck to this formula for all of their following albums.

Want proof of this? See one of their live shows. Then tell me what is truly more magical and beautiful; live natural singing with real percussion and snaps, or, drum machines and robotic harmonies. And also, I nearly forgot, vocal layering. On this album you are (almost) always getting 4 voices. On later albums it was normal to have 5 to 12 vocal tracks playing at once. Studio trickery, does not a good album make.

-- Aaron Milic
(Toronto, Ontario Canada)


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Into The Heart Of The Sangoma
Ann Mortifee (Artist)

Ann Mortifee is one of Canada's most talented singer/songwriters. Ann Mortifee was born in Zululand, South Africa, November 30, 1947. She spent her first years on a sugar farm there and came to Canada as a young child.

As a teenager in Vancouver, she began singing with the legendary Josh White after her first public appearance which was at a local coffeehouse. That first performance was precipitated by a dare put to her by some of her classmates at school.

Ann's singing career now spans more than three decades during which she has performed with such notable artists as Hagoode Hardy, Harry Belafonte,Ramsey Lewis Michele LeGrand, Bobby McFerrin and John Denver.


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Healing Journey
Ann Mortifee

Known throughout the world for her passionate and honest performances, Ann has released eight albums, written three musicals, and several ballet and film scores.

She has worked as a keynote speaker for conferences on such concerns as the use of creativity in healing, sexual abuse, death and dying, environmental and women's issues.

She received the Order of Canada in 1992 for her outstanding contribution to the healing and performing arts in Canada.


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Movies Produced in Elora:

The beauty of the Elora Gorge with its spectacular rock faces and white water, has attracted movie producers from around the world.  Here are a few of the many movies that have used the Limestone cliffs and natural and historical scenery for the settings of these wonderful movies.


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Pictures - NewMrs. Soffel
Directed by Gillian Armstrong

Starring: Diane Keaton, Mel Gibson Director: Gillian Armstrong

An air of gothic romanticism pervades every aspect of this remarkable film, based on a true story from the turn of the 20th century. In its torrid plot, one can hear the icy restraints of the Victorian era cracking.

Diane Keaton is uncannily perfect as Kate Soffel, wife of a priggish prison warden (Edward Herrmann). She's funny and touching playing what used to be called a "neurasthenic"--a nervous, depressed woman with mysterious physical ailments.

When the film opens, Kate is just recovering from a three-month-long spell, and back at work preaching to the inmates in her husband's prison. Whom should she encounter but dangerous death row inmate Ed Biddle, in the irresistible person of Mel Gibson. The forbidden affair that blossoms between them is feverishly exciting, but the film operates on myriad other levels.

Director Gillian Armstrong (My Brilliant Career) and screenwriter Ron Nyswaner (Philadelphia) have much to say about capital punishment, and about the miserable fate of women in this repressive society who dare to act on their passions. There's nothing morally clear-cut in this movie, which is what makes it consistently fascinating.

Kate and Ed's romance is as right as it is wrong; we never really know how to feel about either of them. The film's stunning cinematography and superb period details are exhilarating, from the towering, bleak beauty of the prison to the gorgeous panoramic chase scenes of horse-drawn sleighs in the snow.

--Laura Mirsky

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Angel Eyes
Luis Mandoki

Video Details:
After meeting under extraordinary life-and-death circumstances, a Chicago police officer (Lopez) and a lost soul named Catch (Caviezel) fall in love. While uncovering the truth about Catch, she is forced to deal with the secrets of her own past.

On the DVD:
Feature-length commentary by director Luis Mandoki
Interactive menus
Scene access
Languages: English & French [dubbed in Quebec]
Subtitles: English, French & Spanish


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Simon Birch

A heartwarming and funny hit that's earned overwhelming critical acclaim, SIMON BIRCH features great performances from stars Ashley Judd (DIVINE SECRETS OF THE YA-YA SISTERHOOD, HIGH CRIMES, KISS THE GIRLS) and Oliver Platt (BICENTENNIAL MAN, DON'T SAY A WORD) in an outstanding cast!

Even though Simon Birch is the smallest kid in town, deep down he knows that he was born to do something big! He's on a constant search to discover his destiny, but somehow manages to find nothing but trouble!



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Trapped in Paradise

Three brothers (Nicolas Cage, Jon Lovitz, Dana Carvey) with a streak of lawbreaking in them head to a small town in Pennsylvania called Paradise, intending to rob a ripe bank there.

But the people in the community turn out to be so nice that the thought of ripping them off proves difficult to imagine.

The three leads each get to do their uniquely comic shticks, and that makes this film marginally watchable. But the pace is enervating and the story's main idea isn't all that well developed.



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